Q: "What are the lash extensions made of?"


The lashes I use are synthetic (silk and faux mink).  I do not use real human or animal hair to limit the risk of allergic reaction often found when using these types of lashes.


Q: "Can you create a custom look for me?"


Most definitely! We carry a variety of different lash curls, lengths, and thicknesses to custom fit your individual lash needs.


Q: "How are the lash extensions applied?"


The lashes are applied using an eyelash extension adhesive, 1 individual lash extension per 1 natural lash, allowing your natural lashes to grow and shed just as they would without lash extensions. 


Q: "Is it true that lash extensions will ruin my natural lashes and cause them to fall out?"


This is completely false.  If they are applied correctly and properly (to each individual lash), they are safe and will not ruin the health of your natural lashes.  If you choose to not follow the after care instructions and/or you choose a lash stylist who applies lashes that are; too heavy, too long, or adhered together- this is when damage can occur and overtime experience premature lash loss. Please always make sure your lash stylist is experienced, licensed, and certified.


Q: "How long will the lash extensions last on me?"


Lash extensions can last indefinitely with routine fills.  The overall retention you will get depends on how carefully you follow the after care instructions and your hair growth cycle. Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with your natural hair growth cycle of each lash (it is not uncommon for some people to shed 2-6 natural lashes a day.) 


Q: "How often will I need to get a fill?"


Again, this depends on how closely you follow the after care instructions and your hair growth cycle.  However, I've found for most people Irecommend routine fills every 2-3 weeks to keep them in the best possible condition.  A full set is usually needed after 5+ weeks.


Q: "What does a fill consist of?"


A fill is a touch-up appointment to not only replace (fill) the extensions you have shed but also to cleanup and replace the lashes that have grown out since your last lash appointment.


Q: "Do lash extensions hurt when they are applied?"


Absolutely not!  For each application, you will be laying down on a comfortable heated bed with your eyes closed for the duration of the appointment.  The lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not toyour skin, so you should feel nothing at all during the application process.  In fact, most people are so comfortable they fall asleep!


Q: "Can I still wear mascara?"


Most people find that mascara is no longer necessary.  In some cases, mascara will weaken the bond and cause your extensions to shed prematurely from your natural lash.  However, if you insist on wearing mascara please make sure it is water-based mascara and non-waterproof, and that you are only applying it to the tips of your extensions- never to the base!


Q: "Can I get my extensions wet?"


After the first 24 hours you can totally get your extensions wet!  Make sure you stay away from shower heads, steam, and super hot water.  But other than that, I encourage my clients to cleanse their lashes daily (read below.)


Q: "Why do I need to cleanse my lashes?"


Dirty eyelids and lashes will breakdown the adhesive bond between natural lash and extension due to oil build-up.  This will lead to premature lash shedding and you needing a fill sooner that necessary.  Even worse dirty lashes can hold bacteria which can lead to eye infections (such as Blepharitis). 


Q: "How do I cleanse my lashes?"


I recommend using an oil-free cleanser/makeup remover daily to cleanse your lash extensions.  Never use cotton rounds or q-tips as cotton can get stuck in your lashes and tug on your lash extensions.  Instead I recommend using a clean eye-shadow brush.


  • Step 1: Use your eye-shadow brush to apply your oil-free cleanser/makeup remover directly to your lashes in a gentle downward sweep until your lashes are completely free and clean of all oil and make-up

  • Step 2: Gently rinse your lashes with water using your fingertips or your eye-shadow brush

  • Step 3: Carefully blot dry with a paper towel

  • Step 4: And lastly, give your lashes a light brushing with a clean mascara wand and your lashes will be happy and squeaky clean!


Any other questions or concerns?

Don't be shy.. I'm here to help!  Just send me a message and I will try my best to answer your question at my earliest convenience.