Classic extensions are recommended for clients looking for more of a mascara look. each synthetic lash is applied to a natural lash in a 1:1 ratio.  $200 

L A S H   L I F T

Lash lifts are great for clients who already have thick+long lashes but are just looking for a bit of a curl. A perming solution is carefully applied to natural lashes and set to create a curl that lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  $90

NEW Client "Fix and Fill" From a different salon

Coming from another salon? Need to have your lashes fixed and filled? This process unlike the regular client fill may take longer for consultation and matching and or removal of pre-existing lashes. Please let us know in advance of any concerns you may have. If we feel that your lashes may be too damaged a removal and return appointment may be suggested. *Full payment but we will apply the balance to the New Set. Starting at $125

Return Client Full Set

Took a break and want to come back? Thank you for choosing us! We will be happy to have you back and fill your life with lashes again at a discounted Full set price. $185